Northern Extremes Snowmobiling offers self guided rentals: hourly, half day, full day and multi day. Our Bear Notch Trail System features 50 plus miles of trails. Our Bretton Woods Location offers hundreds of miles of trails. Want to maximize your time on the trails try one of our Guided Tour?

Snowmobile Rentals Includes

Sled, full-face helmet and map. All individuals will receive full operating instructions before riding.

Self Guided Snowmobile Rental Rates

TIME Single Double Triple*
Hourly $55 $75 $85
2 Hour Rental $95 $125 $150
Half Day
Saturday's *
Full Day
Saturday's *

Multi-Day Rates 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days 5 Days
Single $350 $450 $600 $700
Double $450 $525 $675 $825

Weekend Special: Single Double
Saturday- Sunday $395 $450
Must be staying at trailside lodging establishment.

Free Midweek Delivery To Trailside Lodging Properties:
Golden Gables Inn, Holiday Inn, Hampton Inn, North Conway Grand, Red Jacket, Valley Vacation Rentals.

Family Special:
2 Double Snowmobiles for 2 Hours: $185*.
Each additional snowmobile $95
Passengers 18 and under

Early Risers: 9am
Two single snowmobile for 2 hour self guided rental $150 each additional snowmobile $75. Advance Reservations required.

Book 5 or more snowmobile and get 10% discount.
Book 10 or more snowmobile and get 15% discount.
Book 15 or more snowmobiles and get 20% discount.

* Full Day Rental is from 9am to 5 pm.
** Half Day Rental is any 4 hour block during regular hours


Northern Extremes Snowmobiling wants everyone to enjoy their snowmobile adventure. Getting cold or wet on your ride might ruin your day. We ask all participants to dress appropriate for winter conditions. For safety we will not allow anyone to ride a snowmobile in jeans or sneakers. Remember passengers will be colder than drivers.
Clothing Rental Pricing:
Jacket $7 | Pants $7 | Boots $7 | Gloves $7
Everything $25
We have sizes xs to xxxl

Snowmobile Rules:

  1. DWI on a snowmobile is illegal; penalties and fines apply to your driver's license.
  2. Helmets are required for all operators and passengers.
  3. Passengers must be at least five years of age or older.
  4. Self guided rentals: requires individuals to be 21 years of age or older unless accompanied by a legal guardian.
  5. Guided tour: individuals must be 16 years of age or older with a valid drivers license to operate a single sled.
  6. Click here for the Official rules of NH.

Speed Limits:

  1. Maximum trail speed 45MPH
  2. Trail connectors 35MPH
  3. Bridges, sidewalks, trail junctions and parking lots 10MPH

Trail Ethics:

  1. Always operate at a reasonable and prudent speed within your ability.
  2. Always drive on the right hand side of the trail and park to the right in single file off the edge of a groomed surface.
  3. Stay on designated trails and respect landowner's property.
  4. NEVER drink and drive!

Reservation & Cancellation Policy For Guided Tours & Rentals

Guided Tours: Book 5 snowmobiles and have a private guide.

  1. Northern Extremes requires a $25 per snowmobile advance deposit to hold all snowmobile reservations.
  2. This $25 deposit is fully refundable with a 48 hour cancellation notice.
  3. If reservation is cancelled within 48 hours, you would forfeit the deposit amount.
  4. In the event of adverse weather or snow conditions deposit will be refunded.
  5. Adverse weather includes: no snow, temperatures below zero, rain and snowstorms.
  6. We want everyone to enjoy their snowmobile adventure.
  8. There is a $50 per hour late fee. Sorry, getting lost is not a valid excuse.
  9. NOTE: Self guided rentals: Individuals are responsible for gas & damages.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW):

Self Guided Rental: $25 Collision Damage Waiver Fee.

  1. No Credit Card Authorization is Required with the purchase of a optional Collision Damage Waiver (CDW).
  2. If a CDW is not purchased, a $750 debit/credit card authorization security deposit is required per snowmobile.
  3. If individuals purchase the CDW it will limit the amount of damages to $750.
  5. Collision Damage Waiver only covers damages to the sled they are operating, not for damages done to others.
  6. When a Collision Damage Waiver is purchased than no credit card authorization is required.

Cancellation Policy

Northern Extremes Snowmobiling has a 48 hour cancellation policy. We reserve the right to deny service to anyone under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or improperly dressed.